| Time |

    As per CAAP regulations, flight time is to be determined and announced 1-2 days prior to departure

| Luggage |

    10kg check-in luggage and 5kg personal bag

    Please take note that any size of suitcase is considered as your check-in luggage


March 15 (Welcome Dinner)

    Casual Beach Attire: STRICTLY ALL WHITE for everyone

March 16 (Wedding Day)

    Entourage: Beige/ Khaki

    Principal Sponsors: Champagne Gold

    Guests: Beige Family

   OR Please see attached photo


We are providing the following meals:

Day 1 - Welcome Dinner

Day 2 - Breakfast, Lunch, Ceremony Dinner

Day 3 - Breakfast

For food options outside the provided meals, below is the link to the menus available throughout the island



Room assignments will be given by our coordinators upon arrival. 

Transportation Around the Island

FREE shuttle is available on the island. 

The following private transportation options are available for rent:

    Golf Cart Rental:

            4 seater- Php 3,920 (24 hours)

            6 seater- Php 4,480 (24 hours)

    Jeep Rental: Php 13,440 (12 hours with driver)

    Shuttle Rental: Php 22,400 (12 hours with driver)

Island Purchases

Please take note that Balesin observes a cashless system. All transactions within the island are to be paid via credit/ debit card.